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Welcome to our arcade section, where we have a variety of educational Math Games for you to play! Practice your math skills without getting bored with our unique selection of arcade games. All of these online games are mobile-friendly which means you can play them on your phone as well as your computer!

Game Details:

Math Commander is a strategy and deduction game where you command a fleet of Navy ships and try to outsmart the computer. Use the process of elimination and reasonable deduction to determine where your opponent has hidden their fleet. Fire off missiles and torpedos one at a time in an effort to find and ultimately sink the enemies ships. Inbetween each turn you'll have to answer a series of questions before you're able to continue playing. This increases the tension of the game and gives you the motivation you need to hone your math skills.

Select the skill type and grade level you'd like to play. Use your mouse to choose your chip and where you would like to hide it on your map. Double click the ship in order to rotate it.

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